"As an optimist and realist, I've seen that generosity can heal communities"

Gina Miller

"If you haven't got charity in your heart, you've got the worst kind of heart trouble"

Bob Hope

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness"

Desmond Tutu

Funders and Supporters

"I have been fortunate to know Alan and Gina Miller for years and have been inspired by their twin dedication. This is based on their firm foundation of intellectual and social capital and they have proved time and again through their application of all their resources to both endeavours, that they are truly dedicated and talented in both."

Rupert Phelps - Director of Family Office Services, Savills

"It's hard not to like the Millers. They see what's worthwhile and what isn't. They were onto the charities who weren't being charitable long before the politicians got in on the act. They read characters like they read balance sheets: you can take it as read that any cause they support is run by people who are manifestly good and who genuinely want to make this world of ours a better place."

Tim Walker - Journalist and broadcaster

"Gina is deeply committed to truth, transparency and fairness throughout all of her efficient business practices. Being passionately driven by what is right, not what is popular, Gina inspiringly demonstrates and ethically challenges sectors - business, charity, and individuals - to be driven by the same. She trades on genuine and lasting trust, kindness and generosity - a too rare but very much needed commodity."

Helen Atwood - Public Affairs & Policy Manager

"It is always a pleasure to work with Gina. She is ever ready to provide support and creative solutions. Her enthusiasm is highly infectious and motivating; as is her passionate approach to strategic philanthropy. She is truly inspirational."

John Pepin - Philanthropy Adviser, Canada & UK

"Gina Miller is a rare lady. She is selfless in so many ways. I have recommended her to many friend and clients, and nothing has been too much trouble - no matter how big or small the assistance they have needed."

Quote From A Family Office Donor Who Wishes to Be Anonymous

"I contacted Gina in June 2014 looking for a really great charity I could volunteer with. The Foundation recommended a post assisting the CEO of the RESPOND Charity, but not only did they 'match-make', they also funded the post for two days a week for three months.

Following this the Trustees decided that as it had worked so well they would find the money to keep me as a member of staff. I joined the team in January 2015.

The True and Fair Foundation has been a huge support and inspiration to Noelle and Respond. Gina is always available and generous with her time and advice. She and Jacqueline are always delightful and responsive."

Janet Slee - Volunteer & CEO Executive Assistant

"I have known Gina for 15 years and her philanthropic / charity side has not just delivered to my small charities but she has gone beyond being very effective and has been a lifeline. Gina recently presented at our Family Office Ton Event and the feedback on her charity work was exemplary."

Seig de Vater - The Ton (Select Family Office Event)

Grantee & Charity Testimonials

"The Foundation have given us invaluable support during the last six years. Gina and her team have shown that they believe in what we are doing and their generous support has helped to empower us to deliver training which has been instrumental in improving the quality of life for many children and young adults in Belarus"

Linda Walker MBE - Executive Director, Chernobyl Children's Project UK

"As a small national charity, the support we have received is invaluable. We work with some of the most disadvantaged members of our society, we provide support to people with learning disabilities who have been abused.

The support that we have received in so many creative ways has enabled us to develop and become more stable in order that we can provide services to more people and we are now able to plan our approach to meeting the need over the long term."

Dr Noelle Blackman, Chief Executive, RESPOND Charity

"Since 2010, this Foundation has played a pivotal role in nurturing and supporting Amber Trust's charitable activities enhancing the lives of blind and partially sighted children, including those with multiple disabilities and complex needs, through music.

Their generous financial grants have been invaluable in underpinning Amber's core activities. However, their fantastic assistance with other resources has been crucial in raising our profile nationally.

But it is much more than that. Gina's kindness and commitment shines through in every contact she has with Amber. The personal mentoring and advice she has given to us on subjects as wide ranging as communication strategy, fundraising approaches and governance make a real difference to what we can achieve and the number of children we support."

Julia Walport - Chair, The Amber Trust

"Gina and the team at the True and Fair Foundation have made a massive difference to the work of Regenerate. Over 100 different young people from disadvantaged communities are being supported every week as a direct result of the support that we are receiving from the team. Young people are leaving gang life, finding hope and growing in the pursuit of their goals and dreams. We cannot thank them enough for their amazing support"

Andy Smith - Founder, Regenerate Charity

"The support from the True and Fair Foundation in 2015 has been transformative for Action Breaks Silence, enabling us to continue our mission to create a world where women and girls can live their lives free from fear of sexual and gender-based violence.

We are extremely grateful to Gina and the whole team and look forward to working closely together as we look to expand our programme and initiatives to bring about sustainable societal change in the communities in which we are working."

Debi Steven - Founder & President, Stephanie Highett - Chief Executive

"The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust has received generous support from the True and Fair Foundation over the past six years. HWDT aim to safeguard marine mammals in Scotland for future generations to enjoy by involving local communities in their conservation. The Foundation is a responsive and flexible funder and we are incredibly grateful for their continued invaluable support of our work."

Gemma Paterson, Director of HWDT.

"The combination of financial support, friendship and mentoring which we have received from the True and Fair Foundation has been truly transformational to Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre. It has enabled us to impact the lives of almost 2000 young people, while at the same time introducing us to some excellent strategies to improve our governance and our ability to raise funds.

For example, we increasingly recruit qualified volunteers to carry out specific projects - an idea which through the Goodwill Exchange Volunteer Platform launched by The True and Fair Foundation. They taught us how match funding can maximise the income gained from appeals and events, and we now use this invaluable strategy whenever we can.

More recently we have been very grateful for advice and support following a period of necessary restructuring within our organisation, and this has been instrumental in enabling us to avoid the need to curtail our work."

Anne Wallace (Fundraising Trustee) - Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre