"As an optimist and realist, I've seen that generosity can heal communities"

Gina Miller

"If you haven't got charity in your heart, you've got the worst kind of heart trouble"

Bob Hope

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness"

Desmond Tutu

All constitutional legal activities and campaigning in relation to the Financial Services sector are conducted in a personal capacity by Gina Miller and have no connection with the True and Fair Foundation.

The world has experienced unparalleled progress over the last 100 years with astounding developments in science, technology and communications. However, we have also seen the rise of short-termism, blatant capitalism, increasing gaps between rich and poor, erosion of natural resources and the environment, and a weakening of moral values and principles.

The cost of these behaviours is growing as the ground we walk on, the foundations of our society, have been eroding as much as they have been advancing. The result is sinkhole societies where people disappear through the resulting symptoms of poverty, inequality, isolation, social injustice and lack of social mobility.

It is our belief that each of us has a moral responsibility. In our graves we will all be equal, the difference will be the mark or legacy we leave behind. How we live in other peoples' hearts and minds. The most imperative investment we can make is in the world we leave after we are gone. As TS Eliot said "Think not forever of yourselves, nor of your own generation, think of those continuing generations of our families, think of our grandchildren and of those yet unborn".

We have seen that when people give with their heads and hearts, and come together in a stream of consciousness, it is possible to achieve a true and fair society that lifts the most vulnerable out of isolation, despair and poverty. Jump in with us, it will warm the depths of your heart.

As conscious capitalists the Millers put their money where their mouths are, and seek to magnify the momentum people like themselves have for helping others and proving that generosity heals communities.